Market My Practice

What you need to know to succeed in business | taught by Kathy Gruver, PhD, CHt, LMT
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  • 2 Multimedia
  • 21 PDFs
  • 20.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction: So you wanna be in business?
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4 Website and inter web presence
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Congratulations: You're halfway there.
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8 Contribute: Share your knowledge
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12 :( Problem clients, saying farewell, boundaries, horror stories
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14 Self care and are you an empath?
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Bonus forms
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Course description

Welcome to 2020! As a special new year's gift for you, I'm offering this course, originally $350, now $150 discount for a limited time price of $199. 

Start the year right by skyrocketing your practice. Just two new clients pay for the whole course.

I created this course specifically to help you create and market the practice of your dreams. Whether you're a massage therapist, hypnotist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, trainer, coach or energy worker, (or something else) this class will take you from opening your doors to amazing success. And if you're already established, this will help you build your business even more with great ideas on how to market better and reach more clients. 

Learn the basics such as business cards, headshots and social media to more advanced things like banking, using radio and TV to promote your practice, and writing books and articles. I even have a large section on taxes and audits. 

I made this course fun, with down to earth videos and forms and exercises that I thought would come in handy to help you succeed. 

I really am thrilled to help you succeed in your practice. We need more people like you in this world and you deserve success, prosperity and abundance. 

Welcome aboard!

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Kathy Gruver, PhD, CHt, LMT
Kathy Gruver, PhD, CHt, LMT
Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, Educator and Trapeze Artist

Hey everyone, and thanks for checking out my course on marketing your practice. I've been in business as a massage therapist for over 2 decades and when I started my business in Santa Barbara it was less than 3 years before I grew to six figures and had five other therapists working for me. I'd love to teach you how to succeed in your practice! 

I've also written seven books, which have won 12 awards, I've been on hundreds of stages around the world including TEDxand have been on over 250 radio and TV shows. I even appeared on a billboard in Times Square. 

I made this course fun and educational and I hope you'll sign up and start your path to more success. 

I'll be here with you every step of the way and am truly thrilled that you're here!